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Tools and Information

Food Audit Toolkit.png
Food Audit Toolkits

The Food Audit Toolkit is a powerful tool that can help you redesign food availability in your neighborhood. With it, you can evaluate your current food landscape and make changes to improve access to healthy, affordable food for everyone in your community.

Mapping The Food System.png
Mapping The Food System

The future of food is about more than just what we eat. It's about how we produce and distribute food, and who has control over the system. We need an equitable food system that supports BIPOC farmers and encourages self-determination.

Needs for beginning Bipoc Farmers.png
Needs for Beginning Bipoc Farmers

Food accessibility is one of the many reasons that Black Americans exhibit some of the most adverse health outcomes, especially compared to their white counterparts. Despite the unacceptable and incorrect narrative that health inequities are the result of Black Americansټ poor diets, the true issue is that the food environment in predominantly Black communities is not designed with the wellbeing of its residents in mind. 

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