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The Fairground Neighborhood Revitalization Organization (FNRO) is creating a community-owned grocery store.


In the interest of bringing healthy and fresh food access back to our neighborhoods, the FNRO is creating a new grocery store on the lots it owns at the intersection for Florissant and Warne (site of the FNRO native plant garden).


This store is special not just because it will improve quality food access in the area, but also because it will be owned and run by the community. Anyone in the community will be able to invest in the store, so that they can own this important part of the neighborhood. Investment opportunities will be made as affordable as possible, and the store will always remain locally-controlled.


The FNRO is hard at work developing this project in collaboration with A.C.R.E.S. and The Center for Community Ownership, and we will be sharing more information soon, but there are several ways you can get involved now:

Tell us what kind of products you would like to see in the store:

This is your store, and one of the benefits of a community-owned store is that it can carry what the community wants. Click here to submit a form with suggestions for food and non-food items you would like the store to stock.


If you are a food producer or local maker, tell us about products you make that you would like the store to carry:

In addition to carrying produce from local farmers, we want this store to feature products from as many local food and product producers as possible. Fill out this form to tell us about what you make (or refer another producer), so that we can consider stocking your products once the store is open.


Join our email list to receive updates on the project and learn about other opportunities to get involved:

We will be sharing news and offering more opportunities to participate in the coming months, so enter your email address here to receive occasional updates.


For more information, reach out to us at:

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